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Why is the inside of a igloo made of snow so hot?

Why is the inside of an igloo made of snow so hot?

So guys today I'm going to talk something about Igloos and why the inside of an igloo is hot. In Eastern Siberia, Alaska, Canda, and Greenland there existing Indigenous peoples. Commonly the Indigenous peoples who existing there are called Eskimo. They are living in the north pole regions which have a high cold. Remember Arctic regions are not suitable for human living. Because their temperature can be decreased up to 58 degrees Celcius. The amazing fact is Eskimo people are living there since 5000 years ago!. In those Arctic regions, you can't make a normal house or hut because of the absent of woods. Simply there is no jungle or any trees. There are only the ice lands! So the Eskimo civilians made a house by using ice (what they can do there). 

Think about how the Eskimo people live inside those ice houses (igloos)  with deadly cold temperatures outside. So how can people protect by cold using a cold thing! But remember the igloos built by Eskimos give a good heat for them inside those. So how is this possible!

The reason for feeling cold when you are in the cold area is heat going outside from your body and because of that, you feel cold. Only heat goes outside from your body and cold can't come inside.

The simple process that happens inside Igloo is like that. When you are inside an ice igloo your heat will blow out from your body and the heat radiation that emitted from your body will expose to the air inside and it recycles the radiation again and again inside those ice walls. Then the heat went outside from your body will again hit your body and Make you feel hot.