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The isolated island of the Stone Age tribes

North Sentinel Island

Hello, guys today I'm going to discuss the topic North Sentinel Island. This is a crazy topic that is famous in these days. Because I think you heard the news "The 26-year-old US evangelical missionary was killed, in late November, on North Sentinel Island, by members of the indigenous community". 

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. It is the home place for the Sentinelese who belongs to the list of the world's most uncontacted tribes. Sentinelese is a civilization that has 30,000 years old history. According to the reports even they did not discover fire yet! And also they didn't know anything about the modern world beside them. 

Sentinelese tribes think that the unknown people who reach there as enemies( travelers etc..). So they kill the other people who reach there without thinking twice. As an example, two years ago, two fishermen who reached there were killed by them. 

So the Indian government banned to enter the island. Even there is no permission to go a few kilometers near the island. But last year an American tourist named John Allen Chau went there without thinking the danger was killed by Sentinelese using bows and arrows. 
Nearly there are 100 Sentinelese civilians on this island who lives within the 20 square miles of this island. According to reports once or twice scientists were reached there with high security in 1960.