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Is it true that jellyfish are immortal?

Is it true that jellyfish are immortal?

 Any animal that is born will die. I think you guys already know that. And also I think you heard that jellyfish are a kind of an immortal animal. Is it true? Today from this article I'm going to talk about it.

First, before we jump to our topic we need to have proper knowledge about the Jellyfish life cycle.

From a jellyfish egg, it forms a Planula. From the Planula stage, it forms a Polyp after moving to the seabed. After some time the polyp will form as a polyp with buds. Then the baby jellyfish will come out from it (polyp with buds). Some baby jellyfish who came out are unable to live for more than an hour. Some will live for more than a month or more than a year.

There is a special kind of jellyfish named Turritopsis dohrnii who also named Immortal Jellyfish. Scientist proves that they are an Immortal Animal in the animal kingdom. 

If these Jellyfish, face a case of danger injury or tiredness to find food it will again jump to the starting point of its life cycle. It means Turritopsis dohrnii - Immortal Jellyfish will again form as a polyp. Then again it starts to grow as a baby! That's why people called it as Immortal.  

Turritopsis dohrnii