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How to Study Without Being Lazy

Study Without Being Lazy!
Pomodoro Technique

Are you guys feel lazy to study. This is a common condition for many students in the world. But isn't there any method to study without feel lazy in your mind. Exactly there is. Today from this article I'm going to talk about the Pomodoro Technique which you can use to practice to study without being lazy and to make your mind awake while studying.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

This Pomodoro Technique was found by an Italian professor named Francesco Cirillo. According to him being lazy to study is a big question for many students. So the best solution for this problem is to break the study time into 25 minutes pieces. I will tell you how to do this.

To do this, before you go to study take an alarm and set the timer for 25 minutes. You can use your phone to set an alarm. There is a website called Tomato-timer which you can use to break your time. 

After switch on the timer start to study. Don't think about your tomorrow exams or the huge content you need to study. Just only focus on what you are studying right now. You should make your phone silent while that 25min time period. It's very important. Don't look at your time while studying!

After ringing the 25min alarm you should take a 5 minutes break. But Facebook and Youtube are prohibited while your break! Just take a walk and eat something.

After passing a 5min break, go to study again like before. Then practice this as a cycle for somedays. If you feel enjoy your studies, make your study time longer. That means to study for 50mins and take 10mins break. That's how you need to practice the Pomodoro Technique!