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How to Study Quickly and Efficiently for Your Exams

So what's up guys today I'm going to explain to you the method of studying quickly. Studying is not reading books. And it's not memorizing facts. But what is studying? and how to study?

"The study is simply attaining knowledge which depends upon our interest. For studying properly interest is required to be built or must present naturally.

Studying involves exploring, experimenting and extrapolating. it calls for understanding the phenomenon or subject, questioning it and not simply worshiping the existing facts.   studying is process-oriented and not result-oriented... which implies that one should have fun while learning... unfortunately, that seldom happens... If you really want to discover the true meaning of learning, then you must definitely experiment, discover more about your subject and most importantly enjoy while you do that! "

That's what I know. Now let's jump into our topic.

 How to Study Quickly and Efficiently for Your Exams

Feynman Technique

Feynman is a technique in which you can learn anything quickly. Richard Feynman is one of the best scientists in the world. He also achieved Nobel Price for his experiments. Mr. Feynman had a good skill to teach the difficult scientific factors to others in a very simple way. So Mr. Feynman taught his method for others to study difficult things in a simple way. That's what we called a Feynman Technique

To learn the Feynman technique there are some steps that you should follow. So the 1st step is to study the topic anyway. Then take a paper and write what you studied as anyone can understand. 
But if you are stuck in writing those, it means whats you're studied didn't go to your brain. If it happened then go to your room to study again. If you can write what you studied without stuck, it means you little bit learned it.

Our 3rd step is to make what you wrote in simple. Think you need to explain what you studied to someone who doesn't know anything about that topic. Like that make it much simple and write again. 

If you can write what you studied in a short way which anyone can understand, It means you are almost done! And also, You can remember it for a long time. That's what the Feynman technique is.